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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friend's house friday

Last Friday night indeed.  Kateena came over and I made ravioli and home made sauce with garlic bread.  The kids ate it really well, which surprised me, I thought the homemade sauce would be too strong for them.  Ice cream sodas for dessert, yum!

We ordered the Leo Dicaprio movie J Edgar and found it very tough to watch.  We both had the same feeling that we were watching a show that kept switching channels intermittently.  We eventually gave up and started watching the showtime show Shameless.  Really good- little shocking as some of it was quite racy- but the story line and acting was great.   

We painted our nail with the new China Glaze polishes were picked up on Friday and Kateena did my hair.....

Kateena did my hair..... DID IT IN is more like it.  I sat there trustingly whilst listening to the sprays of aerosol and Teena mumbling something about high hair and God.  GOD?!  Hold up, I just agreed to let you give me a new style.  I took a look in the mirror- the first time...... I had been Snookied.  You  know, Jersey Shore big haired bimbo?  Yea, not good.

Literally, my head looked like this.  Amidst her giggling I sat down again so she could fix it.  I kept awaiting to see my old high school 80's hair re emerge, instead next I heard " hmmm bozo the clown?"  WHAT!?!?!  OH HELLL'S NO!  At that point she started taming it down giving me a respectable small poof in the front. I have awoken this morning to empty ice cream soda glasses around the living room, torn up bits of paper towels soiled with nail polish and hair, well, I just wish I had gotten to enjoy the party that my hair apparently   did.  Holy mother of pearl,  it is a HOT MESS!

LOL, Kateena said that it will be a breeze to style today.  Good grief.  lol

Have a great day! Be kind to you hair!!!

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