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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blah, but wait! there are Kateena doughnuts!

I have been having a real case of BLAAAHS lately.  I don't know why.  I think I have a small underlying cold, that thankfully has not gotten ugly, but is just lightly lingering.  I think that is why I haven't posted really. That and the manlet is home for February vaca and underfoot ALWAYS.

Never the less, I made doughnuts for the men.  Proof positive I am just a bit off- I am not really wanting to eat them.  Kateena made these for the kids a few weeks ago and they were DEE LISH!!  So I re created them myself, manlet is completely sticky right now and I am certain the hubs will enjoy them as well.  This may be one of those well known things to do, but I was flabbergasted when I saw Kateena do it.

Easy PEASY to do.  Fill a pan with about and inch of cooking oil and heat over medium heat.  Take a can of biscuits, lay them out and cut holes out of each one.  I could not find a small enough cookie cutter ( shocking as there are more than 100 in this house) so I improvised and used the wrong end of my baster....that's right, it's not just for turkeys anymore.  ooohhhhh turkey. yum.

When I was finished cutting the holes, I took a small bit of dough and tossed it into pan to test the oil temp.  When it starts to sizzle you are good to go.
Carefully place ( I used my hands, but you could use a spatula or other utensil if you are more cautious) each doughnut and or whole into the oil.  Allow to cook in oil for about 45 -60 seconds, you want to make sure the dough cooks all the way thru.  Flip to cook other side using a bamboo skewer.

When the dough is cooked thru, remove from the oil and place on a paper toweled plate to drain off excess oil.

Glaze?  Too easy!  Milk, powdered sugar, and a teaspoon and a half of vanilla.  Mix till you have the thickened consistency you would like and BATHE, yea I said it BATHE the doughnuts in it.  

It's a good thing we are joining another gym- more on that later- because we are going to need it with these hanging around.


  1. Yummy, makes me crave doughnuts now! I've made them before in the deep fryer but it's been a while. I've used a soda bottle lid to cut out the middle and coat the doughnuts with sugar. I like the glaze topping you used. Will have to try that next time when we make ours.

  2. Hi there! New follower from Thirsty Thursday. Super cute blog, and these doughnuts.....yum! Thanks for sharing! Drop on by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


  3. Following back from Marine Wife mom work life :) And these look soooo yummy!!!!! WOuld go perfect with my cup of joe right now. :)))

  4. Yummy & fun! Thanks for stopping by Blueberry Squash :)

  5. I love doughnuts, and they sound so easy to make! Glad I stopped by.

    Dropping in fro the Friday Blog Hop til You Drop. Hope you feel better.

  6. Dropping in from the Friday Blog Hop! Those look DELICIOUS!! And those pictures on my post were from Super Bowl Village. We live about an hour from Indy so we had to go see everything. It was amazing! But, as a Colts fan, I was excited with the out come. ;)

  7. deep fried, oh... yeah. It looks yummy.
    Stopping by from Blogger Broadcast to say hello and thanks!

  8. New follower. They look delicious! Have a great weekend :)