Two Moms and a Pushcart

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friends house friday's

Good Lord did I ever eat too much tonight.  Kateena's night for dinner and she made Paula Deen's chicken pot pie..... Sooooooo gooooood.  Here is the link for the recipe- FYI she left out the egg.  I am ready to burst, and of course I was responsible for desert- which came from the local bakery-I got the kids cupcakes and indulged Kateena and I with lobster tails.  Let me tell you, short of going to Mike's in the North End of Boston, these were the best lobster tails around.  That being said, I am currently having a hostile debate with my body over keeping all this food down.  Holy Moley, I am in actual pain from eating too much, curse you delicious food, curse you!!!

You'll have to excuse me now, Kateena is peer pressuring me into buying 10 boxes of Hamburger helper as it will be on sale for .39 a box after our coupons.  Yikes, forget the over eating, I feel sick just thinking about where to put all the boxes.

Once I have tabled the matter of the Hamburger helper, she and I then have to start hashing the details of the birthday parties of the manlet and his quite frequent accomplice.  It's months in away, but a party planned in advanced with some careful thought can be spectacular.  


  1. sounds like a delicious dinner! And $0.39 for a box of hamburger helper? what a deal! I need some of those coupons :-)

  2. Sounds very nice but what is hamburger helper?? I'm in the uk and never heard if it lol. Also returning the blog love from jollyjillys nice to meet you

  3. Neat blog! I am your newest follower. Please follow back! I am currently offering a giveaway right now too :)

  4. That recipe sounds delicious! To be honest, I couldn't pass on .39 Hamburger Helper. I would find room for it! LOL! (About JollyJilly, it's a boxed mix for hamburger that comes in different flavours. It's a quick and easy meal on those busy nights).

    I'm a new follower of your blog from the Almost Friday blog hop

  5. That does sound delicious!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm following you back! :)