Two Moms and a Pushcart

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We interrupt this Tuesday Lose day for ......

Happy Valentines Day!!!!  There is no way I am working out or weighing in today, today is a day of love and that includes the love of oneself.  So no hateful weight machines, treadmills, elliptical, or cross trainers.  I am all about the hugs, kisses from the manlet, smelling the roses from the hubs and enjoying the day- which yes includes Godiva chocolates!  We will resume the self image hatred programming tomorrow.  lol

Valentine's day started yesterday for Kateena and I due to the kids school schedule.  We were invited to deliver valentines the kids had made in school to a local senior residence.  I am embarrassed to admit, I was not whole heartily up for the activity, but I went as I knew it was a good experience for the kids.  I am SOOOO glad I went, the kids liked handing out the cards and I loved spending some time with the residents talking.


Ok, so clearly my photo placement skills need work, but these were too cute not to post.

The manlet awoke to find his Valentine display and was soooo loving it!  Lot's of hugs and kisses!  It's the 1st real Valentines where he understood, he was excited to give his bus driver his gift and his teachers too! 


Poor skills, I know.

I was even so in love with the manlet I made heart-ish shaped pancakes.

I am now going to open my chocolates and enjoy a few chocolates with my coffee.  Happy Valentines Day!


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  3. How sweet for all those elderly people to see young children on Valentines Day!

  4. so cute! How sweet that they visited the Senior citizen home. I bet they loved seeing all of the kids. Looks like a fabulous Valentine's Day! Thank you for linking up for Favorite Thing Friday. Now following you back :)

  5. We caroled at a nursing home for Christmas, was a great experience! Thanks for linking up to FTF...and I have to say Hawaii in some ways is like a vacation every day...but then again, it's also our 'normal' every day life ;) I'm following you on GFC!!