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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vacation week survival slacking

UGGHHHH, the manlet was home this week and I got NOTHING done.  By the look of Mount Dirty Clothes, close to no laundry was done.  I think I cooked maybe twice this week ( shameful- I am aware ), I flaked off Friend's House Friday altogether.  Kateena took it in stride ( thank's T).  We were supposed to go spinning with a friend of mine in the island of rhode, forgot completely- sorry April :(.  Play dates with numerous friends that never materialized- apologies all around guys, I really meant to get together with you all.

We did a tour of local gyms.  Kateena and I both decided on one to join, took a spin class- where due to TERRIBLE bikes, we are both experiencing pain in place where no one should endure outside the confines of childbirth.  Make no mistake- Kateena and I are a spin veterans!  Not so long ago we would spin twice a week.  The bikes were horrible at this class and the music..... ALL WHITNEY HOUSTON!  Don't get me wrong, I like the late Ms. Houston, and have been more apt to listen to her in recent times, but her genre was not of the spin suited variety.  I need a strong up beat, I need tempo sir, TEMPO!  Plus the instructor getting off his bike and dancing in front of Kateena and I was most distracting.  Maybe we are spoiled, our former instructor was all about the boot camp mentality- the shout at us " ladies, quit your giggling and GET YOUR KNEES UP!" and " you are all right- no one dies in my class" oh! and the heavily rotated " if your legs aren't burning right now, something is terribly wrong."  We loved the way ( ok I loved the way) she would see I was lagging and play  Ozzie Osbourne's "Crazy Train" to get me to push thru.  siiigghhhh I miss Sue.  But the upshot is this place offers many classes including the dance-like-a-fool-zumba, and water aerobics, the pool, hot tub (which never fails to amuse Kateena when I step into and do the "eeccch oooch ouch, that's really hot" dance.  The sauna and steam room are nice too.

MONDAY, fresh start, routine to return!  New routine too. Return to Menu Plan Mondays, Tasty Tuesdays and the rest.  I am also going to resurrect my Fly-lady routine.  Fly Lady, if you don't know, is a site that helps you develop a routine to make cleaning your house easier.  I am not a neat person by habit.  Never have been,  just my nature I guess.  So years ago I googled 'become a compulsive neat freak' and Fly Lady came up.  I tried it, didn't really stick and some years later I met Kateena and she told me about the site.  Like exercise, cleaning is easier when you have a buddy.  Kateena is a AWESOME homemaker, I just don't have her talent or motivation, with this site and her encouragement, the cleaning bug seems to bites harder.  

The site is and I thoroughly recommend it.  This post is silly long, so I am going to close and go wash and shine my sink.  

Have a great day!

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