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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lucy,Ethel and a Menu

EXHAUSTED!!! That is the only word that explains how I am feeling at 9:36pm on this Sunday night. I have been ready for bed for about 2.5 hours. Sorry Oscar but I will have to read about the wins in the morning. I have the Oscars recording but know that as soon as I turn on the t.v or the computer the winners will be flashed all across the screen .I did watch the red carpet show which is my favorite

The princess  has been on school vaca all week . The past  week was all about keeping a four year old entertained and not much of anything else as I was battling a cold at the same time. I eventully won  the battle   on FRIDAY!! Well maybe I shouldn't say I won the battle so much as just took enough NyQuil that it is probably still lingering in my system. Friday is also being known as the day I broke my "lady parts" in spin class at the Y...not good...STILL NOT GOOD!! So I think I should have used the sick card that day, ohh well you live... you learn, right, probably not because I'm quite certain that G will drag me to another class  this week. 

The weekend ended with a shopping trip with the family. My hubby is from Brasil and with a trip coming at the beginning of April we decided a trip to the mall was needed. While at the mall I decided to go ahead and make the switch to Bare Minerals make-up. I have thought about for a long time and since my Mama, Sis , Niece and Gretchen all use it and have nothing but good things to say I decided today was the day. Now I am all about the make-up but have always just bought mine at Target etc...or as my husband points out CHEAP!! I have never been a "make-up snob"  but as I am getting older my skin is changing and at 31 my skin is breaking out more than at 15.  I am really going to concentrate on taking care of my skin and think that switching to whichever brand is on sale might not be the best thing. I am also going back to get the Urban Decay NAKED eye shadow palette . I almost got it today but just could not bring myself to buying it and the starter kit for Bare Minerals. Lucky for me I have the bestest(yes I know bestest sounds cheesy but I do believe he his;)) hubby a girl could get and thinks that I deserve that splurge. He  told me to go buy it this week. Our mall trip wouldn't have been complete without a trip to the Disney store. Isabella may or may not have lead the way without our help, is that bad?!?!....Yes, yes my child can get me from any random location in the mall and direct us straight to the Mouse!! We ended out day with dinner at Olive Garden which was super yummy. I always say I am going to buy a bottle of dressing but always walk out empty handed. Next time the bottle comes home!!

I am determined to start the week fresh and getting back to a schedule so I am going to go ahead and post Menu Monday. This week I have also added in breakfast and lunch.

 Monday-B cereal and bananas
               L leftover pasta
               D Chicken stew over rice, salad

Tuesday-B bacon,egg and cheese biscuits
               L tuna salad,wheat thins
               D hamburger stroganoff, salad and corn

Wednesday- B cinnamon toast(Bella requested)
                     L ham and cheese sammys
                     D leftover for the hubby Kidgit night for Bella and myself

Thursday- B oatmeal 
                 L soup and crackers
                 D pork chops, mashed potatoes and broccoli

Friday- B peanut butter and bagels,yogurt
            L turkey sammys and pretzels
            D dinner @ G's so I am taking dessert which will be Ooey gooey bars...YUM!!

Saturday -B cereal
                L free for all....if we are home but that never is the case it seems on Saturdays no matter how hard we For example this past Saturday excursion was suppose to last 2 hrs max and be home by 1:30 and well it ended up being more like 5:30 and 2 yes I said 2  ROUND TRIPS to Rhode Island!!! We are the REAL modern day LUCY AND ETHEL!!! 
                D---See above !!

Sunday- B Eggs and toast
              L-out with the family
              D Baked chicken, potatoe casserole and green beans

Homemade sweet treat will be a new recipe I am trying for banana cake...The hubs and princess love anything banana .

Good night Ya'll and happy Menu planning!!

Check out our friends over at for more menu ideas.

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  1. I've heard a lot of great things about Bare Minerals. A couple of co-workers wear it and swear by it. Someday I'd like to try it as well. Olive Garden sounds delish. There's not one in the area where I live so it's a rare treat when I'm able to visit. Their breadsticks are ooooh sooo yummy.