Two Moms and a Pushcart

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's a day early?

It's nearly valentine's day so I had to send the manlet into school with Valentines for his school mates (some kids go MWF others just Tue Thurs).  The teacher and the school gave great care to advise that treats be non edible- as to avoid allergies and parents who may frown upon sugary treats.  I assure you I am not against the candy, I am a HUGE fan of candy and have the waist line to prove it, especially on the holidays.  Kateena and I made very cute treats using glow sticks a month ago and sent them in today.  Manlet gets off the bus and lo and behold..... CANDY!  A sack full.  Now again, for the sake of redundancy, I have no problem with candy, however, it would have been much more convenient to go ahead and make some sweet and crafty treats.  Instead we played by the rules and sent in the glow sticks.  I wish that the rules applied to everyone not just some.

The teacher and bus driver gifts came out super cute and were super easy.  check em out.  FYI the bus box came from the target dollar spot.

The tags read "you were 'mint' to be my valentine."  Teachers always seemed to have mints when I was a kid so..... well it's the thought that counts right?


  1. So much for playing by the rules. Though, the glow sticks are a cute idea. I'm sure the kids loved them! Glow sticks would have been really cute on the Obi Wan valentines I made for my 7-year-old son. Didn't think of it though!

  2. Love the Valentine's you but together. Thanks for finding me! I'm a new follower! Have a great weekend!