Two Moms and a Pushcart

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Bring IT!!!

 I suppose that since blogging everyday is one of my resolutions for this year I should start on Jan. 1st and as a bonus I don't have to listen to G say "I knew you wouldn't do it...blah, blah.... Just kidding you know I love you girl!

 2011 brought alot of changes for our family, I am happy to report that they were all needed and well deserved changes.

 ....Hmm....2 minutes into this "blogging thanggg" and I am at a loss....really?!?! All the time I think of things that should be written down in a blog and then I FINALLY sit down at the computer and NOTHING, nada., zilch...roll the credits show is over, my mind is blank. Thinking this is going to be one fantastic blog folks.(yes G I just said "folks") I suppose the reason for this brain fart is that my hubby has left with the princess and I have the house to myself. One would think that having the husband and child gone would mean that I would have endless thoughts fluttering about, but no. I suppose I'm the type of girl that thinks better when distracted.  So it is with that thought that I leave you and shall settle into a night of  coupon clipping and Once upon a time marathan watching type of night.

 Happy New Year and here's hoping I make it through another year of my husband believing that I make these bad boys from SCRATCH !!!(please don't tell the little giggly dough boy, they earn me big bonus points)

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