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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January just brings out the country in me.

What is it about the first months of the new year that bring out the country girl in me? Even right now I am listening to Dixie Chicks wishing to " grow something Wild and Unruly"  ( ok technically I am doing that, the manlet, for a 4 year old, is very unruly and fairly wild when left to his own ).  I am a NORTHERN YANKEE girl y'all ( holy crap now it's happening in my writing? ).  I like the cold, enjoy driving in snow, abhor the heat, drink soda, have been known to call it tonic.  Yet come the new year I am suddenly turned into a country western wanna be.   Must annoy Kateena, as she is the real deal.  Moving on.....
While at Market Basket this week I saw a decent sized pack of cube steak for an awesome price. So a cowboy dinner made it onto this weeks menu and spaghetti and meatballs was dropped.  Chili is now being made for the Hubs on a regular basis and CHILI POWDER had made it's way into my spice cabinet.  

Chuck wagons ho! is that what they say?  I logged onto the Pioneer Woman site ( Kat told me about her and I, like every one else, now loves her) So dinner was "Cowboy steak" mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and beer bread.  The recipe for the steak can be found here on her site. Totally yum and left overs are great too.  By the way, bamboo skewers are used for corn cob holders in this house. I just can't be buying the plastic ones time after time when they rust or one goes missing.  Skewers are just easier and always around.

So I am now blogging listening to the Dixie Chicks and I am sure will be watching Sweet Home Alabama sometime in the near future.  Que the cowpolk music, I am rustling on outta here.  good god it's like an infectious disease spreading.

PS just look at this pic, my plating skills are soooo neglected, I will get better.  Better food porn shall be provided!

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