Two Moms and a Pushcart

Monday, January 9, 2012

And this is why I love Mondays!

I know I already posted, but we tried to do this on the mobile app but it did not take.  That's ok this is much easier anywhoo.  I LOVE Mondays. 1. Because I competitively coupon with Kateena ( granted I LOSE most of the time, but it is fun none the less) and Mondays are my day to put my "battle plan" into action!!!  2. Because we meet our coupon connection on Mondays lol.  Seriously as we pull into the "spot"  we get tense thinking of what may or may not be good weeks coupon haul.  This week was good, not as great as last week, but very good. .. and let me tell you these coupons are like CRACK for the suburban stay at home mom.  Who would not be excited about this!

See those in the upper left corner?  yea those babies have the 3$ off Market Basket cracker deal Kateena spoke of earlier.  Wheat Thins and Teddy Grahams as far as the eye can see!!!  

So as you you probably guessed, we may not be EXTREME couponers.... yet, but we have our ambitions.  LOL.  g'nite~

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