Two Moms and a Pushcart

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who? What????

The manlet is home today from feeling under the weather.  I now feel under the weather and he is running amok!  Ugghhh.  Thank you manlet, mommy loves you.

Parked on the couch with laptop upon the lap I am reading my fellow bloggers and once again I am struck by references to the show Dr. Who.  Not the one from when I was a kid, the one that looks like Harry Potter with an afro who has drank two too many espressos.  This is a new Dr. Who, I just watched the first episode and I still don't understand what I just saw, something about mannequins coming to life ( like that won't give me night terrors!).

Ordinarily, I would be all done with this, but 3 different women I know who are BRILLIANT, love this show so now I am wondering what all the fuss is about.  So here goes nothing.... jeez where is the tylenol?

If you are a Dr. Who fan, the new who, let me know if this is a waste of my time.

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  1. The new Who? Not sure of that Who!

    I'm happy to be a new follower. You can follow 1 or many of my blogs. Here are the links...