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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesdays = Lose Days!

I got off to a really good start the 1st week of the month with going to the gym.  It is amazing how cold weather can wick away your will to work out early in the AM.  ( Holy moley that was a lot of W's)

I went to a bridal shop with my friend who is getting married so she can pick out a dress for me to wear.  She actually picked out one that really looks very nice even as I am now.  HOWEVER, I am not going to be a fatty Maid of Honor, so I renewed my commitment to the gym and signed up for an online tracker called Lose It.  It is very similar to Weight Watchers on line, but free.  I have another friend who had signed up and her working out and eating better are just incredibly inspiring-and she is one busy mama!  So if she can, I must!

So Tuesday is Lose day for me.  I will record my progress ( as I started today I have no progress to report other than the hour I did today-30 min elliptical 30 weight training ) and hopefully a genuine public account of my eatings and doings will keep me on the right track.

So here is to the strapless gown that already gives my waist a good look, may it be a kind to my arms in 4 months!

Wish me luck!

PS.  reading a kindle while on an elliptical can be hazardous to your health... you've been warned.

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