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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seinfeld blog: something about nothing or almost anything can be funny

And so it goes.  When Kateena and I go out for a quick errand or two, it NEVER works out to be just that.  It more often that not does turn out to be a productive day with the kids just tired out enough for dinner and a bath before bed.

Today is a case study in this lesson.  We decide just before lunch we will do a quick trip to Michael's and the dollar store for the supplies we will need for our kids class valentines.  OHHHH NOOOOO, it turns into something like that insurance commercial where the navigation auto corrects and sends the poor drive into a tailspin. ( recalculating.... TURN RIGHT NOW!!!).  Granted many of these auto corrects are my doing, and are filled with hilarity,  but I am wondering when our short trips will actually start being short.  

Plan was go to the dollar store, target and then Michael's.   Reality was so much different, Michael's, lunch, iparty, and then Target.  Iparty for idea shopping for the kids upcoming birthdays and Target to scope the last of the holiday clearance.  Turns out we found what we needed from the dollar store at Target so we were able to eliminate that stop.  

Short story long.... it is like 5:30 by the time I walk back in the door from a day filled with some fist pumps (tee hee),  jingle bell hell and some renditions of "I'm a little tea pot" it was a long, but productive and hilarious day.  

Nothing really remarkable, but it goes to show you (and this is something that Kateena would say and man does it burn my biscuits when she is right)  that with the right attitude damn near anything can be fun. 

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  1. I too inevitably end up in at least 3 more places than I originally planned. I'm famous for this at the grocery store also. I run in with that little hand held basket for when you only "need 2 or 3 things". 30 minutes later, my basket is overflowing and I'm balancing a gallon of milk, two boxes of pasta, and a something COMPLETELY unnecessary in the crooks of my arms.