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Monday, January 9, 2012

Market day, meal planning and the saving of the monies.

Well Monday is meal planning and Market day.  I am lifting an idea from a friend to see how much I can save thru couponing ( because I LOVE me some coupons!) on a weekly and running total.  

I used to think the first rule of couponing was get double papers. No, Kateena has corrected my thinking ( she is like scientology that way. hee hee hee)  and I now know that MEAL PLANNING is the first rule.  You can coupon all you want but if you are buying things you will not use, or things you already have, then you are wasting money.

So here is my meal plan for this week.

Monday : Crock Pot pork roast, potatoes and corn

Tuesday : 3 can crock pot chicken ( frozen tenders, 1 can each of cream of mushroom, chicken and celery.  1/2 stick butter, 1 can mushrooms.  Cook on low for 8-10 hours or high for 4-6) with pasta.

Wednesday : Pork Chops, rice and green beans

Thursday : Kielbasa and potato bake with peas

Friday : Tilapia, rice, broccoli and cheese.

Saturday = LEFTOVERS!

So meal planning done, coupons clipped and in hand this is what I wound up with for my weekly trip....

Market basket : 

Weaver "dino" fun nuggets
1 pound imported ham
4 grapefruit
1 pound butter
1 quart Coffee mate
half gallon milk
2 doughnuts ( because c'mon it is market basket)
1 pack yogurt raisins
1 bag sesame bagels
1 box capri sun juices
4 Hefty one zip storage and freezer bags 
4 boxes Hamburger Helper
3 can mushrooms
1 loaf Friehoffers bread.

Coupons: 2-1$ off hefty bags
                1-.50 off 1 coffee mate
                1- .80 off Hamburger Helper

Total 32.77 saved 9% or 3.30

So not my greatest savings, but given just 4 coupons and that I didn't have to buy meat, not bad.  I am betting that I do better next week.  I did score 4 packages of 8 roll bounty for 3.99 each and got a sweet deal on 4- 6 packs of Pepsi mini cans.  So for 25$ I got a TON of paper towels ( I am going out to another shaws to work the same deal on toilet paper)  and enough pepsi to get me thru till next week or deal, which ever comes first.

I am willing to bet a pack of paper towels Kateena's totals are better, but oh well, what are you going to do.

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