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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Happy MESS!!!

We have had a great weekend. It started Friday night with "Friendly Fridays" . This week was my week to host at my house.I chose to make comfort meatballs from the Pioneer Woman , who can do no wrong in my book along with mashed potatoes, corn and 7-up rolls. The meatballs were like meatolaf balls...yummy and kid approved which goes a LONG way in this house.  The meatball recipe called for them to be cooked in the oven for 35-45 minutes after browning . I wanted to have them made ahead of time so after browning I just put them in my crockpot on high for 2 hours...turned out perfect!
 The 7-up rolls did not turn out as pretty as all the pictures on Pinterest but they were yummy, I think I found the Colonel's secret to his biscuits;) If only I could crack the chicken
The kids played and PLAYED until this was left of my daughters scared very scared................
All done by two 4 year olds and  it was CLEAN before , how they do it I have no idea but honestly I did not care one bit about the mess, that mess meant that they had FUN, now granted there was alot of he said she said tattle-telling going on but dinosaurs were saved thanks to Scooby doo pirates and to this Momma  that makes cleaning up sooo worth it!!

Saturday brought a playdate with new friends and it went great, I mean how could it not G rode a bull.....yes I have pictures but I might not live if I posted them so they go into a "special" file incase they need to used at a later date....I must admit that folder is growing quite large....just a little FYI ;)  The night ended with a little  Rockstar action from my favorite little one ..speaking of my little Rockstar . Bella  brought home her Star of the week poster from preschool and one part asked "You are a star because........." and she had to finish the sentence well what does my child respond with "I am a star because I'm going to rock this house!" ....LOVE HER and the things she comes up with....can't wait to hear the response from Miss Laurie on that

Rockstar in training

Sunday was laid back waiting for the playoff game to start. We took Isabella to eat and play then after a quick stop at the grocery store came home and realxed. Isabella asked for a chocolate cake this afternoon which was a coincidence since this morning Gretchen had just pointed  out a good recipe on Pinterest . We got to work in the kitchen cooking and I cannot begin say enough good things about it....hands down the best cake ...Bella is a frosting girl and she ate the whole thing , the hubby even went for round 2 and he is not a cake guy. The recipe contains alot of liquid so I was unsure how it would bake up but it was must try this if you are a chocolate lover.
 Isabella thought it needed sprinkles and who am I to disagree, I think it made the cake PERFECT

The dishwasher is loaded, living room is vaccumed, Bella's room is clean, laundry is drying and another weekend is over. I am tired but I am smiling because even though I have cleaned up just to mess it up and do it all again WE ARE HAPPY and HEALTHLY and thankful for all that we have. I could complain about cleaning and cooking but when I think about how much fun and smiles come from all that mess it makes it all worth it !!!

5am gym call is soon....Have a great week!! Kat

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