Two Moms and a Pushcart

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nothing with that much butter can be bad

So here I am at Kateena's house and I am blogging.  It is her friday for dinner, so I made desert- we switch off this way every week.  I made desert all right.  It smells wonderful and the recipe calls for an entire stick of butter, so how could it be bad.  If appearances count for anything, this desert is BAD TO THE BONE!  It's not a pretty thing and I see now that when you have a dish as ugly as this, it commands an ugly name....wait for it. ..... the name of this is Flaugnarde.  Please don't ask how it is pronounced, I am loathe to think of the injuries that could result in the attempt.   

The recipe is something I found on Pinterest- so points for doing not just pinning, points for something neither Kateena or I have found before, and points for it actually made the house smell awesome.

Here is the recipe

Let me know if you have any luck making a pretty Flaugnarde or if you figure out how to say it with out bodily harm.


  1. How was your flaugnarde? It looks like creme brulee...

  2. It was good, very sweet. I made it with canned peaches. Kateena said it tasted liked a cobbler? I think next time I will use a more tart fruit and increase the "batter" portion of the recipe.

    We ate it over vanilla ice cream and I could only have a small portion.