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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well how was I supposed to know?

So Kateena and I are murkily making our way thru the blogosphere.  She noticed one of the blogs we follow has a "what's cooking Thursday?" feature and suggested that I was working online at the moment that I link up to it.  Simple enough right?  ummmmmm not so much.  Other than what you guys see here I have no blogging experience.  That fact is painfully clear now.

So I entered the URL and then the field that asks for the name?  Easy enter Creamy Enchiladas right?  NOOOOOO I enter OUR own names, that's not all, no folks, have opportunity and I will screw it up!  I also typo'd the word AND, AND!!  so now out there on the blogosphere  Kateena abd Gretchen recipe is floating out there, fannnnn tastic!   SMH.

So you can share in my shame here is the site- it really is a great blog.

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  1. Let it be known that I TOLD HER to write the recipe name not ours...but did she listen folks....NOOOOO !!!!