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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nothing rhymes with Tuesdays, but it sure is fun.

So much for the cute post title.  Oh well, when I can look at the savings I got today I feel less unhappy about a snappy post title.

So Market Monday was feeling like a bust, spent 32 bucks only single digit savings.... no good.
However, after looking thru the stacks of coupons, a little time and a little distance, Kateena and I made out much better on day 2 (maybe that's why the call it "twos"day?)

Here are my receipts!!!
All three stops

Shaw's total 17.14 

Walgreen's total $5 (plus 2$ register rewards which I rolled into a 2nd deal  making the total $7 for 8  bags of chex mix. )

Market Basket total $5 for 6 boxes of snacks (2 boxes Teddy Grahams, 2 trisket thins and 2 wheat thin sticks)

Not a bad haul... I also got 6 boxed of barilla pasta and 3 tubes of Grands biscuits for $5 but I cannot locate that receipt.  Maybe Kateena can post it??? ( hint hint)

I used to do this stuff all the time, but the manlet arrived and I was understandably knocked off course.  How ever, now that he can reasonably care for him self in 30 minute chunks, I am able to refocus on Tactile Tuesdays!! Sure now it comes, but that name seems a bit off anyway.  I can also start evaluating my stock pile and maybe get back to Forward Fridays ( i just thought of that.... but it is not a new idea to me) where I go thru my stock pile and donate what I can to the local food pantry.

My savings  year to date : $52.36 ( this included an extra Chex mix and Pepsi deal I did twice)

But that's it, I am thru for the week, with couponing that is.  House is pretty clean, going to start the pasta for dinner ( 3 can chicken post here ) maybe get a load of laundry in and..... relax!  

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