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Monday, January 16, 2012

Manic Monday.....

Just like the song says, I wish it were a Sunday.  Today is going to be a loooong day.  I was intending to go to the gym this AM but when I heard it was going to be below 0 at gym time, I promptly changed my mind.
Lot's to do today, and I have the manlet home for the holiday, but let's get it started anyway.  We are also linking up with Orgjunkie blog as always!

Menu Plan 1/16-1/21

Monday:  Crockpot chicken and dumplings

Tuesday: Kokinisto ( Greek dish - for the hubs- the name means 'reddened beef')* recipe below 


Chicken lo mein (with the left over spaghetti)

Struffoli pockets ( an italian dessert, dinner is at Kateena's this week)

Pork Chops, Mashed potatoes, corn

Today is going to be a mad dash for the finish line.  Ugghh.  Market Basket shopping in morning, then lunch for the manlet, put away the groceries ( lunch may have to be to go ala bento if it is closer to lunch than I would like).   Then to meet my coupon guy to see if he has stacks for me- he typically does, but sometimes not, I try not to ask too many questions.  Then off to Big Y store to finish off the grocery shopping in the afternoon.  Home, put groceries away again and then late snack and off to a dress shop in RI for a bridesmaid fitting.  Home again, dinner, bath and bed.  GOOD GRIEF, thank goodness this is not a typical day.  I am exhausted just thinking about it all.  Wish me luck.

  • ***Kokinisto recipe

  • 1 -1 1/2 pound stew beef.
    1 large onion rough chopped
    1/2 bunch parsley
    3-5 garlic cloves chopped
    3-4 whole garlic cloves
    3-4 dashes cinnamon
    2 chopped tomatoes (I use canned)
    2- 8 ounce cans of tomato sauce
    1/2 cup olive oil

    In a large pot ( dutch oven is perfect for this) heat oil and salt and brown meat on all sides. Remove from pan and set aside.
    Add onions, chopped garlic and parsley, saute until translucent.
    Add tomatoes and cook until they begin to give up some liquid.
    Return meat to the pan, add cinnamon and whole garlic clove.
    Add 2 cans of tomato sauce and stir.  
    Add 2 empty cans filled with water.
    Season with salt or pepper as you like.
    Bring to boil, reduce heat and allow to simmer for 2 hours.
    You can serve with noodles, I serve it over rice.

    1. Great blog! Found you on blog hop at bloggy mom. Looking forward to more, I think I am going to have to try that recipe, it looks awesome! (your newest follower)-Kim

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      This has been a CRAZY week ... oh how much easier it would have been if I planned my meals out in advance!


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