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Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday and AFC Championship Aftermath

Oh my, Menu plan or superbowl gush?  Business first I guess.

So happily I can report this will be a light week for the shopping, which is good, because I am now needing to budget for a SUPERBOWL PARTY!!! PATS ARE GOING TO BOWL BABY!!!! eheemmm sorry, that sometimes happens, can't be controlled. With out further adieu.....

Monday: Creamy Italian crock pot chicken (you know the one with the cream cheese, chicken, zesty italian)

Tuesday: Parmesan Tilapia, rice, broccoli & cheese

Wednesday: Beef Stroganoff

Thursday: Pork Chops-recipe is from Kateena, and I am hoping she will link it here??

Friday: Sour Cream Chicken Bake which I found on pinterest and followed to the recipe here .  

Saturday: Leftovers.

NOW....PATRIOTS WON THE AFC !! to Quote Rob Gronkowski " WE'RE GOING TO THE SHIP!"
I called Kateena as soon as it was over and her husband insisted she answer the phone on speaker so I got the pleasure of blowing out the eardrums of not just Kateena, but her entire family with my jubilant screams.  My husband sadly would not allow me to go down to the proshop last night to get the new AFC champions hat.  Booooo!  It was such a game, I was in knots most of it.
I now have a superbowl party to plan, so I am glad that this weeks menu is on the "I already have most of this stuff in the house" side.

As for Kateena and her notorious "g" file?  I will admit she has many .... unflattering photos of me, HOWEVER it is simply because ...... SHE IS CHICKEN!!!  Yea, I rode the bull, hell there is a country song that even talks about riding a bull when presented the opportunity- and she is from TEXAS, you can't get more country that that right?  NOOOOOO, the northern girl is taking the bull by the horns all the time...ok, well this time it took me, but I lasted a good 15 seconds at least!  My point is, when stuff needs doing, I do it and I can always count on Kateena to photograph the event.  
To Kateena's defense, when situations come down to "handling" a situation ( ie. ripping Crapcast for me for screwing my installation when I moved to my new place.)  She is ACES!  Plus, she generally is the keeper of the leash when I get my over the top Tiger mom on.  lol

So there you have it, not bad for menu plan monday on the day after superbowl sunday seating.  


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