Two Moms and a Pushcart

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Strike two "hooka"!

I have a terrible memory it seems.  Kateena and I discussed, at length our new and improved gym plan last night.  I went to bed, reading The Hunger Games and being very pleased that we were back on track.  Apparently 6 hours is all I need to get off that track.  Yeaaaaaaa, I forgot to set my alarm and slept right thru  thus earning me a scathing facebook message at 545 am calling me a "hooka" .  Not as bad as it seems because I still giggle when she calls me that and I still do not understand why "hooka" is her insult of choice.  However, this is the 2nd time I have done this, I did feel badly, so I set my alarm then and there.

We still went to the gym, that gym is a HOT MESS, and worked out for 30 minutes.  I think the every other day of butt kicking workout and easier cardio 6 days a week works out ok, right?

So I am publicly apologizing to Kateena, for being a "hooka"and a late and forgetful one at that.

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