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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Lose Day.... sigh

I am only down a pound this week.   I know it's still a down, and I know I did not visit the gym Friday or Saturday and ate A LOT of Kateena's buckeye brownies.  I guess this is a reminder that wanting to lose means the weight doesn't magically melt with no effort put in.

So back to the straight and narrow, which means eating well, just not eating it all.  Hopefully I can pick up the lost pound/time, somewhere in the next week, that wedding is getting closer faster.

I will not be the fat bridesmaid, I will not be the fat bridesmaid, I will not be the fat bridesmaid.

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  1. Focus on the successes! Something I have learned along the way is to stick to what you know works, if eating well and working out everyday works - force yourself to do it. You will never regret doing something healthy for yourself but you just might regret that extra brownie ;) xoxo