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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bug or M&M overdose?

Yesterday the manlet awakes from his nap and announces he is "too full" and doesn't want to eat anymore food. Hmmmm, he has eaten 1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich upon returning home from school, and 1 lindt chocolate truffle (the last one from my Christmas stocking).  I ask him well how much food have you eaten.  My manlet now realizes he has painted himself into a corner, and answers the ever present "I don't know" whilst his eyes guilty shifted to the new M & M dispenser we were given for Christmas.  I asked him if he ate the candies and he answered yes, and then I asked how many he ate.  His answer was "bunches".  I pick up the dispenser and find it nearly empty and I know I had filled it with a one pound bag just 2 days ago.  Minutes later, manlet walks into the room and informs me he is really having tummy troubles by throwing up a la 6th sense style on my living room carpet, then takes 2 more steps and does it again.  I grab and run him into the bathroom, all the while he is still going and I to have to second shower for the day.  I get him in the bathroom and then step into his bedroom to get him a blanket, as he is now shivering from the shock of it all, when I see another mess splashed.  Long story short this continues thru the night (I literally was on the phone crying with Kateena when Round 4 began) and I felt horrible, for him and for me.  The husband was certain manlet was deathly ill and I spent much of the night arguing that he did not have a fever and was not having any additional symptoms, at worst .  Things subsided around 10:30 and I wound up sitting next to, note not directly next to and under, his bed dozing every so often, ready with a bucket.
I don't know if he had an M&M overdose, or caught the stomach bug that was going around, but this morning he was thirsty ( thank goodness) and hungry.  Water and dry toast is the breakfast of champions today and as my friend Xtina says "everything tastes better when cut diagonally"  Manlet, wholly agrees with you on that Xtina!  He seems in great spirits today, but I am keeping him home none the less.

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